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Tips for Buying or Selling

Getting your home ready to sell

First, clean out!  You’ve probably been meaning to do it anyway. Use a three-pile system to help you pare down your stuff:  Recycle (Donate), Trash, and Keep.  Once you discarded some things and eliminated unnecessary clutter, it is time to organize.  Clear off the counters in the kitchen so people get a full view of your countertops.  Limit personal effects: take down excess pictures or wall hangings and remove your grocery list from the refrigerator. Next, inspect each room carefully to see if paint needs to be freshened up.  A new coat of paint can restore and improve the look of tired walls that have been affectionately worn down by the natural wear and tear of family life. Lastly, consider hiring professional cleaners to get your house in impeccable shape for showing.

Now that you have cleaned and consolidated inside, consider the exterior and lawn. First impressions are unparalleled in their influence, so maximizing the curb appeal of your property is essential. Utilize these simple ideas below to make your house look its best: 

  • Keep the yard mowed and bushes trimmed
  • Add fresh mulch or pine straw to flower beds  
  • Consider pressure washing your house and driveway
  • Set a flower pot or seasonal arrangement on the front porch

To highlight your home’s best features and enhance its overall appearance, be mindful of the following details:

  • Leave lights on when you know the house is going to be shown
  • Open curtains and blinds on windows to allow natural light in  
  • Keep interior doors open
  • Close toilet lids and open shower curtains if you have them 
  • Keep pets out of sight if you can; take your dog for a walk or put him in a crate or backyard

Some helpful hints about buying your new place!

Buying a home requires a different kind of preparation. Check out the tips below to make things easier.  

  • Develop lists to include “essential” or “must have” features, “desired” or “preferred” attributes, and “extras” or bonus items. Prioritizing in this way will likely increase your prospects and help you get the most out of your new home
  • Consider what other factors are most important to you: schools, distance to work, parks and green areas, traffic, proximity to grocery stores, dining options, etc.  
  • Identify an ideal price range or determine what kind of monthly payments are best suited to your circumstances  
  • Consult with a mortgage specialist to discuss financing options, confirm your plans and establish a realistic scope of affordable property types

Once you have decided on a home, the real work begins!  Check out what to expect below:

  • Draft an offer.
  • All parties agree on terms of the offer (ratified contract).
  • Get a home inspection and negotiate any repairs or updates that need to be made.
  • Meet with your mortgage officer to secure your loan. 
  • Select a closing attorney.
  •  Have utilities, cable, etc. transferred from seller to your name.
  •  Close on your new home (typically 30 to 45 days after ratified contract)

Home is a defining feature of family life, offering comfort, connection, maybe even inspiration. Whether buying or selling, you are about to embark on one of the most important tasks of your life’s journey. I am honored to assist you in this exciting venture. My love of Charleston and the surrounding areas, my thorough knowledge of neighborhoods and communities, and my commitment to staying abreast of the latest trends in SC real estate will help to inform the process. I look forward to helping you successfully navigate the challenges of buying or selling and to ensuring an experience that is both pleasant and efficient.